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Deutsches Atomforum e. V. - DAtF (German Atomic Forum)

DAtF (German Atomic Forum) was founded in 1959 to promote the peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy in Germany. Its members include companies and organisations working with and involved in all areas of nuclear technology: utilities, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, universities and research institutes, trade associations, etc.

DAtF sees its role as a service provider for external and internal communication relating to nuclear energy and nuclear technology. As a recognised and reliable mouthpiece, DAtF provides objective information and viewpoints both to the general public and to particular target groups, such as politics and the media, while also offering a forum for public and expert debate. Furthermore, DAtF represents the interests of its members at EU and international level.

The governing body of the German Atomic Forum is the General Assembly. The General Assembly elects the Presidential Council. The Presidential Council elects from its midst the President of the German Atomic Forum.

Since 2010, Dr. Ralf Güldner is President of the German Atomic Forum.

Robert-Koch-Platz 4
10115 Berlin
Phone +49 (0) 30 498 555-0
Fax +49 (0) 30 498 555-19



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