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Topics 2011

  • December 2011

    European Electricity Generation Mix
    Core Meltdown Studies
    Impact of Climate Change
    KONTEC 2011

  • November 2011

    Construction NPP Kaliningrad
    Monitoring a Repository
    Video Analysis for Site Monitoring

  • October 2011

    Research for Demolition of Nuclear Facilities
    Innovative Techniques for Radioactive Waste
    Quality of Supplied Components
    Nuclear Technology: Made in Germany

  • August/September 2011

    Funding Nuclear Power Research
    Cable Grinding Technology
    Environmental Impacts of Waste Disposal
    13th Amendment to the German Atomic Energy Act

  • July 2011

    2011 Annual Conference Opening Address
    Pyrolysis of Spent Ion Exchange Resins
    Miniature Nuclear Power Plants
    Nuclear Energy Research in Germany 2010

  • June 2011

    Kahl Pilot Nuclear Power Station
    Modeling Consequences of Fukushima
    High Temperature Technology
    New Nuclear Project Progress in the USA

  • April/May 2011

    Seaquake in Japan and Its Impacts
    Safety Concept in German NPPs
    ENIQ Network
    Dry Storage Facility Kozloduy

  • March 2011

    Nuclear Technology: Made in Germany

  • February 2011

    The 1986 Chernobyl Accident
    Chernobyl and the 30-km zone
    Support Programs for Chernobyl

  • January 2011

    Indian Nuclear Liability Act 2010
    Market Introduction of GEN IV
    Long Term Operations of NPPs
    Energy 2020 - Communication by the European Commission



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