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atw - International Journal for Nuclear Power

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company, placed on June 2, 2014, the first of three containment vessel rings for the Unit 2 nuclear reactor, which is among the first nuclear units being built in the U.S. in 30 years. Ring 1 was placed on top of the Unit 2 containment vessel bottom head. Now that the first ring is set, the remaining two rings will follow. All rings are fabricated with multiple levels of steel plates. The final component of the containment vessel will be the top head. When complete, the robust containment vessel, which will house the reactor vessel, will weigh about 4,000 tons and stand more than 200 feet with a 130 foot-diameter. (Courtesy: SCE&G)

The atw reports on developments and trends in all major areas of nuclear power technology and the nuclear power industry. The international topicality and competence of its coverage make the atw monthly a valuable source of information and, in this way, also an important aid in decision making. Its rich background of reporting, and the contributions by competent authors make atw a valueable source of information.

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