"BUND Claims Insipid Panic-mongering and Attempt to Avoid the Debate"

Berlin, 26.05.2000

Nationwide nuclear energy information day on Saturday: "We have nothing to hide!"

Tomorrow, the German nuclear energy industry will be holding its first ever nationwide information day. The president of the German Atomic Forum, Dr. Otto Majewski, responded to the claims made by BUND (German "Friends of the Earth") that in opening their facilities to the public, the utilities were playing down the risks of nuclear power, as follows:

"The BUND`s call for visitors to visit German nuclear power plants only if they take Geiger counters and iodine tablets with them is nothing but insipid panic-mongering and an attempt to avoid the debate. By issuing scare warnings such as these the BUND aims to stop people from talking to us and forming their own opinion. The nuclear power industry in Germany is not only transparent but also ready for a dialogue. We have nothing to hide and are looking forward to many open and ideology-free discussions - also with the opponents of nuclear power."


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