German Atomic Forum: Greenpeace Refuses to Accept the Facts

Berlin, 10.09.2000

After several scientific studies have verified the safety of the planned transports of spent fuel elements from nuclear power plants as approved by the Federal Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (Bundesminister für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit - BMU), Greenpeace is once again trying to spread fear among the population.

As early as November 1999 national and foreign experts commented in detail on the "10-point catalogue" presented by the BMU. The catalogue demanded information on any instances where contamination levels were exceeded and the measures taken to avoid such occurrences in the future. The results have been integrated in current transport licences as well as the "Safety analysis for the specified normal transport of radioactive waste and irradiated fuel elements in the region of Gorleben" submitted this August by Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH. The results of all the studies conducted clearly show that neither transport workers, the public nor the environment will be significantly radiologically impacted by the transports.

The defects in the neutron absorber layer on French transport containers referred to by Greenpeace could only ever arise during a massive transport accident. Even if the entire neutron shield were lost, the radiation values would remain within the statutory limits.

Based on the motto that "what can`t be true, isn`t true", Greenpeace is not prepared to accept these scientifically proven facts. There is no evidence of any scientific expertise in their claims and their attempts at panic-mongering are irresponsible!


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