2000 German Atomic Energy Law Conference

Berlin, 25.10.2000

The "2000 German Atomic Energy Law Conference" will be taking place on 26th / 27th October in the Hotel Maritim in Munich under the chairmanship of Professor-Dr Fritz Ossenbühl. The address of welcome will be given by the President of the German Atomic Forum, Dr Otto Majewski. In addition to dealing with fundamental questions concerning the safety standards at the present time and for the rest of the agreed remaining length of operation, and their implementation, the Conference dealt in particular with the current legal problems surrounding intermediate storage in the vicinity of installations and with those relating to waste disposal.

The Atomic Energy Law Conference is an open forum for specialist lawyers from the power industry, federal and state ministries, and universities. It addresses itself to jurisprudence experts, lawyers in private practice, and legal executives in industry, as well as interested non-lawyers who concern themselves with the legal questions associated with the peaceful use of atomic energy and nuclear technology.

The speakers and their subjects (in the order in which they will be speaking) are:

Professor Dr. Adolf Birkhofer, Technical University of Munich: Safety philosophy and safety standards under atomic energy law - a comparative view

Andreas Böwing, chief legal officer of RWE Energie AG, and Dr Wolfgang Cloosters, a senior official in the Schleswig-Holstein State Ministry of Finance and Energy in Kiel: Safety standards during the agreed length of operation

Zygmund Domaratzki, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna: National and international standards - their creation and mutual effects

Professor Dr Joachim Wieland, University of Bielefeld, and Professor Dr. Thomas von Danwitz, Ruhr University in Bochum: Questions of legal authority in the implementation of safety standards.

Dr-Ing Stefan Brejora, Lippe-Ems nuclear power plant, Emsland (for technical aspects) and Frank J. Scheuten, of Essen, a lawyer (for licensing requirements): Legal questions relating to interim storage near nuclear sites.

Wolfgang Renneberg, a senior official in the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety, Bonn: Waste management aspects; Professor Dr Peter-Michael Huber of the University of Jena: Waste management as the task of the state and the obligation of the operator; and Siegfried de Witt, of Berlin, a lawyer: The significance of waste management for approval, supervision, and the protection of third parties.

Professor Dr Horst Sendler, of Berlin, former President of the Federal Administrative Court: The planned amendment of the Atomic Energy Act.


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