Nuclear Power as Competitive Factor

Berlin, 01.02.2001

Nuclear power has a future. This was the quintessence of the inaugural address of the new President of the German Atomic Forum, Dr. Gert Maichel, at the start of the 2001 Winter Conference in Berlin. A number of countries, above all the USA and Finland, are considering building and operating new reactors in order to be able to guarantee safe and cheap electricity supplies for the future. According to Dr. Maichel, the peaceful utilisation of nuclear power in Germany has enormous advantages: its contribution to precautionary climate protection, the highest safety standards world-wide, and the high degree of competitiveness are the distinguishing features of this source of energy. He said that in the long run, the generation of energy from nuclear power plants would represent an indispensable contribution to the safeguarding of energy supplies.

The current situation of nuclear power is at the centre of interest at this year`s Winter Conference hosted by the German Atomic Forum. In a series of lectures and discussions, experts from politics, science and industry are presenting a comprehensive survey of the current nuclear power situation in Germany. A further major topic is the implementation of the agreement negotiated in June 2000 between the Federal Government and the utility companies about the future utilisation and disposal of the nuclear power plants.


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