CASTOR® Transports Are Safe

Berlin, 23.01.2001

The return transport of spent fuel elements from the reprocessing plant at La Hague in France to the interim storage facility at Gorleben does not represent a risk to man and the environment.

The vitrified waste forms, which are contained in special canisters, are safely confined in transport and storage casks specially designed for this purpose. These casks are subject to extremely stringent safety-related requirements. The radiation emitted from these transport casks is monitored thoroughly. In all transports so far, the measured levels of radiation exposure of the accompanying personnel in direct proximity of the cask were below the detection limit.

"Due to binding agreements concluded under civil and international law it is mandatory and inevitable that we take back the transport casks holding the vitrified waste canisters that are currently being stored in France. This is also the undisputed view of the Federal Government", explained Dr. Gert Maichel, President of the German Atomic Forum (DAtF). Contrary to what was happening in France, the forthcoming transports were already leading to massive protests in Germany. "In our constitutional state, peaceful demonstrations are legitimate", Maichel continued. "What cannot be accepted, however, are blockades or violent fighting."

Maichel was promoting an ideology free consensus across all political parties as well as a matter-of fact information policy in order to work towards a de-escalation in the interest of the citizens and all those involved in the transport operation.


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