Nuclear Phase-Out Agreement Sets Seal on Special National Solution

Berlin, 11.06.2001

The German Atomic Forum welcomes the signing of the agreement between the Federal Government and the power utilities on the further utilisation of the German nuclear power plants and the disposal of their waste. We regard the agreement as an acceptable compromise because it guarantees the undisturbed operation of the nuclear power plants for a long time to come. We do this irrespective of the fact that in principle we disapprove of the nuclear phase-out policy.

The German Atomic Forum has always made it clear that nuclear power is an option that is economically successful and morally justifiable. On an international level, the high safety standard and the underlying safety philosophy of the German nuclear power plants is fully accepted all over the world. The ecological value that this technology has for climate protection is beyond doubt. Against this background, the path chosen by Germany represents a special, national policy of going it alone which will not be followed increasingly by other countries.

At the same time, however, the agreement struck between the political leadership and the utility companies puts an end to a long-running ideological and fundamentalist debate. This offers the chance to promote a pragmatic and matter-of-fact energy policy.


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