Berlin, 16.07.2001

In view of the world climate conference starting in Bonn today, the German Atomic Forum (DAtF) has again pointed out the effective contribution of nuclear power with regard to efficient climate protection. After all, electricity production from nuclear power does not result in carbon dioxide (CO2) generation. This gas is seen by numerous scientists to be the main cause of the so-called greenhouse effect - a warming of the earth`s atmosphere as a result of human intervention.

Last year alone, the 19 German nuclear power plants saved the atmosphere emissions of around 170 billion tons of CO2. This corresponds approximately to the CO2 emissions of motor traffic in Germany. At present, nuclear power contributes more than 30 % to the entire electricity generating capacity in Germany. This makes it the #1 primary energy source - ahead of lignite and hard coal.

If the ambitious climate protection targets of the Kyoto agreement are to be reached world-wide, the utilisation of nuclear power is an essential corner pillar and important instrument. The internationally growing rates of increase of this ecologically and economically successful technology are therefore a positive contribution in the sense of a sustained development and efficient implementation of climate protection targets.

The German Atomic Forum therefore appeals to the participants of the world climate conference to see the utilisation of nuclear power as a chance of a cheap and environmentally friendly power supply and to grant nuclear power a long-term place in the overall energy mix.


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