Statement of the German Atomic Forum on the "Draft of an Act for the Orderly Procedure to End the Use of Nuclear Energy for Commercial Production of Electricity"

Berlin, 02.08.2001

The German Atomic Forum (DAtF) submitted its written statement on the "Draft of an Act for the Orderly Procedure to End the Use of Nuclear Energy for Commercial Production of Electricity" to the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The statement is given within the framework of the legislative procedure on the amendment of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG). Within this procedure, the other organisations and expert groups are given the opportunity, among other things, to comment on the amendment.

From the point of view of the German Atomic Forum, the present amendment is a politically acceptable compromise under the current boundary conditions. It is in line with contents and spirit of the agreement between the Federal Government and the power utilities initialled on 14th June 2000 and signed on 14th June 2001. In the amendment, the Federal Government asserts its known fundamental philosophy regarding energy policy The power utilities abandon their legal position substantiated by the unlimited operating licences for the existing nuclear power plants, but, in turn, receive economically calculable framework conditions.

As to the facts, the German Atomic Forum considers the conviction of the Federal Government expressed in the amendment to be wrong with regard to energy policy and climate protection. The peaceful use of nuclear energy in Germany is economically successful, ethically justifiable and contributes to environmental protection as well as to the achievement of the climate-political goals. With its politically approved decision, Germany follows a solitary path compared to other nations.

World wide, many nations still count on the use of nuclear energy. At present, some countries even consider in very concrete terms to erect new nuclear power plants. Against this background, it is very important that the know-how in the field of nuclear energy in Germany does not get lost; since the high level of safety compared at an international level and the safety philosophy behind it are acknowledged world wide. The Federal Government should therefore ensure without any restrictions that commercial activities of the German manufacturers and the supply industry on the national and international market of nuclear energy are not being hindered. Moreover, a technological break-off in sciences and research must not take place either. By this, the option of a further use of nuclear energy in Germany shall be kept open to future generations.

The German Atomic Forum and the enterprises represented in it assume that the final amendment will also correspond to all points of the agreement, and that all parties involved act according to the spirit of the agreement. However, should the amendment not comply with the agreement, this had to be considered as frustration of contract for the agreement.


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