New Atomic Energy Act Ensures Operation of German Nuclear Power Plants in the Long Run

Berlin, 26.04.2002

On April 27, 2002, the amended Atomic Energy Act (in German) will enter into force. This means that the agreement between the Federal Government and the power utilities of June 2001 will become legal. The amendment of the Atomic Energy Act provides the certainty of law required for the implementation of the agreement and thus gives the companies planning reliability against the background of long-term calculable boundary conditions.

The amendment of the Atomic Energy Act is politically motivated. The legislator has cited no new risks or reasons but merely carried out a political reassessment. The agreement with the Federal Government also acknowledges the high safety standard of the German nuclear power plants on an international scale. Nevertheless, the companies accept the primate of politics. However, they have always pointed out that they consider both the ban on building new plants as well as the limitation of the operating lifetimes of the nuclear power plants wrong from an economic, industrial and climate-political point of view.

Once the new Atomic Energy Act has entered into force, not only the utilities but also the Federal Government will continue to be required to stick to the agreement with regard to both its spirit and contents. The German Atomic Forum believes that this comprises in particular that the Federal Government - in line with its promise - will have to guarantee the politically undisturbed operation of the nuclear power plants for the remainder of their operating lives.


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