2002 German Atomic Law Conference Dominated by Atomic Energy Act Amendment

Berlin, 13.06.2002

This morning saw the start of the second German Atomic Law Conference in Munich, an event organised by the German Atomic Forum. The conference provides an information and communication platform for all legal aspects of the peaceful use of nuclear power in Germany.

120 experts from research, industry and administration are taking part in this two-day discourse. The main topic is the new Atomic Energy Act (AtG) which has recently come into force. In his opening address, German Atomic Forum president Dr. Gert Maichel underlined the importance of current atomic law and its administrative application as a reliable framework for the continuing operation of the nuclear power plants. At the same time, Dr. Maichel called on those responsible to apply the law in a factual manner and free of any ideology.

Further topics at the Atomic Law Conference are legal aspects relating to nuclear waste management, the residual operating lives of the plants, the decommisioning of nuclear power plants, and transport and safety issues. Another topic deals with the competence of the Länder authorities and the role of the federal regulator in connecetion with federal executive administration.


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