Nuclear Power Ensures Sustained Environmentally-Friendly Energy Supply

Berlin, 29.08.2002

On the occasion of the "World Summit" in Johannesburg, the German Atomic Forum (DAtF) has called for an objective appraisal of nuclear power. To achieve a responsible future global energy supply it is important that the contributions of all primary energy sources be evaluated without prejudice and with consideration of ecological and economical aspects.

For more then four decades, CO2-free electricity production from nuclear power has been contributing to covering the world-wide rising energy demand. So far, around 45,000 billion kilowatt hours have been generated. This enormous amount of electricity would be sufficient to supply the highly industrialised Europe with electrical energy for a period of 15 years. In addition, the global use of nuclear power spares the environment more than two billion tons a year of carbon dioxide, which is regarded as having a harmful effect on the climate. This amount corresponds to the CO2 emissions of all German motorised vehicles over a period of 15 years. With regard to the Kyoto Climate Change Convention, nuclear power plants contribute considerably to reaching the politicians` high aims of CO2 reduction.

Against this background, numerous countries all over the world have decided to expand their nuclear programmes together with an increased use of renewables. Thus electricity generation in nuclear power plants does not only contribute to the careful use of natural resources and the supply of energy without subsidies - it also is an important factor in efficient climate protection.


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