Radwaste Repositories: Carry on with Gorleben and Konrad!

Berlin, 18.10.2002

On the occasion of the Third Workshop of the Committee on a Site Selection Procedure for Repository Sites (Arbeitskreis Auswahlverfahren Endlagerstandorte - AkEnd) which starts today, the German Atomic Forum calls for the provision of repositories not to be delayed. According to Section 9 of the Atomic Energy Act, providing suitable repositories is a federal task. Therefore the procedures in connection with the already licensed Konrad repository have to be implemented without delay. As regards the Gorleben salt dome - which is intended for the final storage of fuel assemblies - the results of the geological investigations so far have yielded no indications at all that would speak against its suitability. The DAtF therefore reminds those in charge of the overdue issuance of a restriction to alterations to secure the site. To this day, the power utilities have already spent 1.3 billion euros on repository research. With the Konrad and Gorleben sites, the Federal Republic of Germany already disposes of a repository concept comprising two sites, with no doubts about their suitability. Against this background the DAtF considers the note in the Coalition Agreement of the Red/Green Federal Government aiming at a participation in the costs of further site exploration activities to be improper and unjustified.

The German Atomic Forum welcomes the Federal Government`s willingness - confirmed in the Coalition Agreement - to implement the agreement with the power utilities consistently according to its spirit and content. The utilities operating Germany`s nuclear power plants expect that the Federal Government now puts its money where its mouth is. This holds especially for the guarantee of the undisturbed operation of the nuclear power plants and the management of the waste arising.

The announced withdrawal from nuclear research is a mistake in the opinion of the German Atomic Forum. The high-tech nation Germany would thereby risk losing touch in a nationally and internationally important field. Such plans are counter-productive especially with regard to the export chances of German companies and the transfer of know-how to the future new member states of the European Union. Moreover, this signal goes completely against the efforts to maintain competence for the further operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities in Germany.


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