German Nuclear Power Plants Top World Rankings again in 2002

Berlin, 11.03.2003

Last year, five of the ten best production results world-wide in connection with electricity generation from nuclear power were achieved by German nuclear power plants. German plants took top positions in the top ten of the generating rankings. With an annual output of 12.17 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) the Isar-2 nuclear power plant was world electricity generating champion for the fourth time in a row.

With the comparatively low number of 19 reactors, Germany produced the fourth-largest amount of electricity behind the U.S., France and Japan. This result mirrors Germany`s excellent know-how in nuclear engineering. As regards both technological development and the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants, the Federal Republic is still among the best compared with other countries. World-wide electricity production from nuclear power has doubled since the mid-80s; at 2,666.7 billion kWh in 2002, it was around 40 billion kWh higher than in 2001. At present there are 441 reactor units in operation in 31 different countries. Among these are all major industrialised nations as well as the threshold countries Brazil, China and India. 32 units are currently under construction in 12 different countries.

The German Atomic Forum e. V. sees these production figures as a confirmation that in future, electricity generation in nuclear power plants is going to continue making a substantial contribution to a sustainable and safe energy supply.

Top Ten 2002

Nuclear power plant  

 Gross design electrical rating
Gross electrical energy generated bn. kWh
 Deutschland  Isar-2  E.ON  Siemens  1.475   12,17
 Deutschland  Brokdorf  E.ON  Siemens  1.440 11,92 
 Japan  Kashiwazaki-6  TEPCO  TEPCO  1.356  11,88
 Deutschland  Emsland  RWE Power  Siemens  1.400  11,86
 USA  Palo Verde-3  APS CE  1.307  11,81
 Deutschland  Philippsburg-2  EnBW  Siemens  1.458  11,65
 Deutschland  Grohnde E.ON  Siemens  1.430  11,43
 USA  South Textas-1  HLP  Westinghouse  1.315  11,39
 Frankreich  Cattenom-4  EDF  Framatome  1.362  11,11
 USA  Braidwood-1  Com Ed  Westinghouse  1.242  11,02

More detailed statistics can be ordered from DAtF. The table is based i. a. on details published by the information service "platts Nucleonics Week", McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.


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