Finland Relies on Franco-German Know-how in Nuclear Engineering

Berlin, 18.12.2003

The Franco-German company Framatome ANP, a joint venture of AREVA and Siemens, has today (December 18) been awarded the contract by the Finish power utility TVO (Teollisuuden Voima Oy) to build a new nuclear power plant at the Olkiluoto site. Framatome ANP will now for the first time erect a plant of the new European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR) type, which has a capacity of 1,600 MW.

The German Atomic Forum (DAtF) welcomes TVO`s decision. "The order of TVO shows that nuclear technology from Germany and France is still Number One in the world. After all, Framatome ANP has beaten international competitors in Finland", said the President of the DAtF, Dr. Gert Maichel. The project was a good contribution to maintaining know-how and this way secured jobs in the German nuclear industry, Maichel added. The EPR was developed jointly by Framatome and Siemens, with participation of several French and German power utilities, who also provided a large part of the funds for the project.

Following an intensive process of weighing up all available energy sources, TVO decided in 1998 to expand nuclear power generation. The reasons were supply safety as well as profitability and environmental protection. The decision was supported by the government and parliament. The exclusively private-funded project is going to help Finland in future to cover a major part of the additional electricity demand at a low price and furthermore to reduce the country`s CO2 emissions considerably.


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