Constructive Days in Gorleben

Berlin, 23.09.2004

The German Atomic Forum welcomes artist HA Schult`s idea to draw the attention of the general public to the issue of radioactive waste disposal by his action cycle titled "Quiet Days in Gorleben". The standstill over the past years in the exploration of the repository, which is a result of the present Federal Government`s policy, is threatening to throw Germany back even more when it comes to the realisation of the safe disposal of high-active waste.

After these creative days in Gorleben, constructive times now have to follow as soon as possible.

The German Atomic Forum therefore calls upon the Federal Government to pave the way at last for a final assessment of the salt dome. All the knowledge gained so far confirms the potential suitability of the Gorleben salt dome for the safe storage of high-active waste. Against the background of the potential suitability of the site and the demands by the Land of Lower Saxony and the local communities for further site exploration, the argument of lacking acceptance put forward by the Federal Environment Ministry is only a pretext. Gorleben was selected according to a comprehensive catalogue of criteria from more than 140 salt domes. The public was informed in detail about the project at a very early stage, with the information policy pursued at the time clearly being quite progressive.

With the already licensed Konrad repository mine for low-and medium-active waste and the Gorleben salt dome as potential repository for high-active waste, Germany already disposes of an overall concept for the safe disposal of radioactive waste that is quite advanced compared with international developments. In all countries around the globe, it is state of the art in science and technology to opt for the separate disposal of high-active and low-active waste. It remains up to the Federal Government to press on in the interest of the present and coming generations and not to put off a solution to the issue of finding a repository indefinitely.

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