2004 yet another Successful Year for German Nuclear Power Plants

Berlin, 25.01.2005

In 2004, the 18 operating German nuclear power plants produced a total of 167.1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, exceeding the previous year`s productivity figure (2003: 165.1bn kWh). For the sixth time in a row, the Isar 2 reactor was top of the class among the German nuclear power plants, generating 12.2bn kWh at a design electrical rating of 1,475 megawatts.

Electricity from nuclear power is effectively available around the clock and thus represents a foundation pillar of supply security in Germany. On average, the nuclear power plants were available 7,886 hours - of an annual total of 8,784 hours - for electricity production last year. This is 89.8 percent of the total time (2003: 87.7 percent). At the same time, nuclear power makes a major contribution to preventive climate protection: each year, the use of nuclear power avoids CO2 emissions equal to the total annual emissions of motor traffic in Germany. In 2004, competitive electricity generation from nuclear power thus contributed once again to strengthening Germany as a centre of industry, trade, and energy production.

For the German Atomic Forum, these figures speak a clear language. The advantages of nuclear power in a well-balanced energy mix are indisputable: competitiveness, supply security and preventive climate protection.

The nuclear power production record for 2004

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