Gorleben Development Freeze Protects Exploration Site

Berlin, 17.06.2005

The German Atomic Forum welcomes today`s adoption by the German Bundesrat of the Development Freeze Ordinance relating to the Gorleben salt dome. "The development freeze protects the Gorleben exploration site against intervention by private third parties," explained the President of the German Atomic Forum, Dr. Walter Hohlefelder.

With the adoption of the development freeze, a central item of the agreement concluded between the Federal Government and the power utilities on 11 June 2001 has been implemented. According to the state of the exploration so far, there is nothing that speaks against the suitability of the Gorleben salt dome to host a repository for high-active waste.

However, full clarity of the suitability question could only be achieved by continued exploration of the Gorleben salt dome, said Dr. Hohlefelder. "Together with the already licensed `Schacht Konrad` repository for low- and medium-active waste, Germany has an overall concept that - compared internationally - is far advanced," Dr. Hohlefelder continued.

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