Work on Doubtful Issues Concerning Gorleben Completed - Exploration of the Salt Dome Can Be Resumed

Berlin, 07.11.2005

The expert opinion published by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection at the weekend confirms the suitability of rock salt as host rock for a repository. Correspondingly, from a methodical-conceptual and safety-related point of view, the Gorleben salt dome is suitable as a possible repository for radioactive waste.

According to the statement made by the Federal Government in the Agreement with the power utilities of 11 June 2001, the geological findings so far are not opposed to the suitability of the Gorleben salt dome, either. "Thus the issues of doubt concerning the Gorleben salt dome raised by the Federal Government have been cleared" said Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, the President of the German Atomic Forum. The exploration of the Gorleben salt dome could therefore continue, he added.

"What counts now is that the exploration work at Gorleben - the result of which is no foregone conclusion - is brought to an end as quickly as possible so that we will have final clarity about the site." said Dr. Hohlefelder.

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