Energy Debate in Germany Should Be Based on Facts

Berlin, 16.03.2006

Germany is facing major energy-political decisions. The debate about these issues, which are of elementary importance to our country as a site of industry and commerce, has to take place on the basis of an objective and ideology-free analysis of the facts.

The film "Die Wolke" (The Cloud) which opens in German cinemas today is a fictitious story. The scenario on which it is based is far removed from any reality in Germany. The boundary conditions for an energy supply strategy that is viable for the future, however, should not be discussed against the background of fiction or emotions.

The German Atomic Forum will be pleased to provide any information about the contribution that the safe German nuclear power plants make to a cost-effective, secure and environmentally compatible energy mix in Germany. For further information please visit or call +49 30 498555-20.

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