2006 Another Successful Year for German Nuclear Power Plants

Berlin, 17.01.2007

Around 167.4 billion kilowatt hours (bn. kWh) of electricity were generated in the 17 operational German nuclear power plants in 2006. This was a clear improvement over the previous year`s productivity (2005: 163.0 bn. kWh). The national champion in electricity generation with an annual production of 12.4 bn. kWh was the German nuclear power plant Isar 2 which has an output of 1,475 megawatts (MWe).

Electricity from nuclear power is available practically round the clock and is thus a cornerstone that ensures uninterrupted supplies in Germany. The average time availability of German nuclear power plants last year was over 91 percent, another clear increase over last year`s figure (2005: 88.8 percent). CO2-free electricity generation from nuclear power once again helped consolidate Germany`s position as a top location for business and energy in 2006 and consequently safeguarded the future of our country.

These figures speak a clear language for the German Atomic Forum e. V. The benefits of nuclear power in a balanced energy mix are obvious: Reliable supplies, competitive strength, environmental compatibility.

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