Approval of the "Konrad Pit" Legally Valid

Berlin, 03.04.2007

The German Atomic Forum welcomes that approval of the "Konrad pit" has become legally valid with today`s decision making of the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. "The Federal Republic must now fulfil its responsibility to provide repositories and also begin with extension of the "Konrad pit", Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, the chairman of the German Atomic Forum e.V. requires.

The Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Lüneburg rejected claims against the land use planning decision for the "Konrad pit" as a repository for slightly and moderately radioactive waste in March 2006. The court thereby confirmed in all points the land use planning decision of the Ministry of the Environment of Lower Saxony from the year 2002. The OVG furthermore did not allow an appeal against the decision before the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. The defeated plaintiffs did however have a right to a non-appeal objection before the Federal Administrative Court against the appeal decision of the OVG. According to Dr. Hohlefelder: "the decision of the highest German administrative court has finally cleared the way for setting up the approved repository "Konrad pit". Any room for interpretation is no longer open and is not appropriate for further delay in the repository question".

With its verdict, the Higher Administrative Court also definitely rejected the repeated call for exploration of an alternative repository location. The atomic law plans a suitable, since safe repository in the following manner: "if the Federal Government means it seriously about solving the repository question "rapidly" and in a "result-oriented" manner, the moratorium in Gorleben should be finally lifted and the exploration should be continued" emphasises Hohlefelder.

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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