Regarding the Suggestion of Professor Dr. Utz Claassen in Today`s Stern Magazine to Establish Nuclear Phase-out on a Binding Basis in the Basic Law, the Chairman of the German Atomic Forum, Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, Declared:

Berlin, 26.04.2007

"The suggestion expressed by Mr. Claassen, the chairman of the board of directors of EnBW, to anchor nuclear power phase-out in the Basic Law as counteraction for longer running times is his own opinion. The German Atomic Forum does not share this opinion in any way. This is an unsuitable attempt to patronise future generations. Climatic protection needs other answers. It is precisely for this reason that nuclear power must also continue to be a further component of a sustainable energy programme in Germany. For me one thing is certain: there is no way of avoiding reassessment of nuclear power in Germany".

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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