Annual Meeting 2007: Climatic Prevention Requires Tremendous Endeavours - no Alternative to a Policy for Reassessing Nuclear Power

Karlsruhe, 22.05.2007

The chairman of the German Atomic Forum, Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, requested reassessment of nuclear power at the beginning of the Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology in Karlsruhe in 2007, "there is no alternative, precisely in the area of climatic prevention", warned Dr. Hohlefelder, an open discussion free of prejudice at the upcoming energy summit too.

Demanding climatic prevention aims require sophisticated solutions. Maintaining the use of nuclear power in German can without a doubt make a decisive contribution to climatic protection. Dr. Hohlefelder says: "the Federal Government must decide: either it remains with phase-out. It will then be sure to miss the aims for CO2 reduction. Alternatively, it revises the decision. It will then have realistic chances of achieving the climatic protection aims. "Replacement of the discontinuing nuclear power plant output in Germany will not be possible at any rate without building new fossil power plant capacity. "Depending on the energy carrier, this will mean an increase in the annual CO2 emissions by up to 185 million tons in comparison to use of nuclear power", Dr. Hohlefelder emphasised.

The Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology , which was held for the 38th time this year, is one of the largest specialist conferences in the field of nuclear technology with more than 1,000 national and international male and female participants.

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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