Emnid Survey: Majority for Further Use of Nuclear Power

Berlin, 27.06.2007

Forty-eight per cent of the population believe that the remaining running times for German nuclear power plants should be extended beyond the year 2021. A further 44 per cent refuse this. This was shown by a representative survey with TNS Emnid commissioned by the German Atomic Forum carried out ahead of the energy summit. "The results of the survey prove once again: there is no "phase-out majority". Contrary to this, an increasing number of citizens show themselves to be open for a reassessment of nuclear power", according to Dr. Hohlefelder, the chairman of the German Atomic Forum e.V.

When asked about their personal attitude to nuclear power, 48 per cent of the population likewise answered that they were in favour of nuclear power, whereas 43 on the other hand oppose it. "The signal to politics is therefore clear. They can rely on a majority among the population whose attitude to nuclear power is open, pragmatic and free of prejudice. If account is not taken of all options available to us in order to guarantee us a durable energy supply, it will not be possible for any sustainable energy programme with future viability to exist" warned Dr. Hohlefelder.

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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