EU Sends out a Clear Signal `Pro` Nuclear Power

Berlin, 25.10.2007

The German Atomic Forum (DAtF) welcomes the own-initiative report on "Conventional Energy Sources and Energy Technology" adopted yesterday by an overwhelming majority in the European Parliament (EP). Never before has the EP spoken out so clearly in favour of nuclear power in the energy mix. It acknowledged nuclear energy as currently the largest low-carbon energy source in Europe and underscored its potential contribution to combating climate change, enhancing supply security and ensuring competitiveness in power generation.

"Through this report the EU has sent out a clear and resounding signal. Germany`s politically driven `phase-out` is leading the country into a position of international isolation", stated Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, President of DAtF.

Unlike at European level, here in Germany what should be a substantive analysis of nuclear energy issues is very often overshadowed by politically and ideologically motivated interests. The public debate on the events (INES-"0"-scale) at the Krümmel and Brunsbüttel power plants in northern Germany are yet further, particularly clear examples of this tendency. Dr. Hohlefelder commented: "I therefore believe it`s now high time and urgently necessary and essential to reintroduce more objectivity into energy and environment policy."

On the issue of the future role of nuclear power, the German public is now more open-minded than some of the country`s politicians: according to a recent Emnid poll, 47 per cent of the population are in favour of extending the operating lives of nuclear power plants while 46 per cent are against. This polling outcome is an excellent starting point for a pragmatic and strictly objective discussion on the best energy mix for the future.

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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