Great Britain Appears Unperturbed by "Drop-Out" Germany

Berlin, 11.01.2008

The German Atomic Forum welcomes the British government`s decision to continue its focus on nuclear power in the future energy mix. Great Britain thus appears to be unperturbed by "drop-out" Germany.

From the British government`s point of view, nuclear power is an indispensable option set against the challenges of climate change, security of supply and the location`s competitiveness. The decision in favour of constructing new plants falls in line with international developments. Virtually all the major industrial nations, such as France, Japan and the USA, are meeting the growing challenges in the field of energy supply by sticking, like Great Britain, to nuclear power. It appears that Germany is isolating itself to an ever increasing extent by going its own separate way in matters of energy policy.
German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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