Phasing out of Nuclear Energy - Germany`s Singular Path Leads to Energy Policy Limbo

Hamburg, 27.05.2008

In his speech marking the opening of the Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology 2008, Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, President of the German Atomic Forum, stressed that Germany`s singular path regarding the question of using nuclear power is heading straight towards energy policy limbo. According to Dr. Hohlefelder, "The result is foreseeable: the ambitious German targets for reducing CO2 will not be hit, competitiveness of the location will be put at risk, dependency on energy imports from abroad will rise."

Given the growing challenges in the energy policy sector, Germany has no alternative but to re-evaluate nuclear power. In this case the only answer can be to extend the running time of existing nuclear power plants. Dr. Hohlefelder added that this is necessary not least in order to avert an impending power deficit and invited all sides to take part in an open and ideology-free dialogue.

Dr. Hohlefelder criticised the continuing ban on research into the development of new reactors, "A policy such as this - a policy of thought control - is unacceptable for a technological and industrial nation such as Germany." High-tech nuclear power is an acquisition that is virtually unique and has contributed significantly to the prosperity in this country.

The Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology, which is taking place for the 39th time this year, is one of the largest specialist conferences in the field of nuclear technology and is host to approximately 1,250 national and international delegates.

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