Nuclear Power: Positive Change in Public Opinion Continues

Berlin, 29.08.2008

Agreement to an extension of the remaining running times of nuclear power plants is increasing in Germany. According to a current survey carried out by TNS Emnid, the institute for opinion polls, on behalf of the German Atomic Forum, 52 percent of the population are in favour of an extension beyond the year 2021. 49 percent of Germans were of this opinion in March 2008.

Acceptance of nuclear power is even greater in industry and commerce. On presenting the business barometer of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce on 26 August 2008, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce announced that 78.1 percent of German enterprises consider that longer running times for nuclear power plants make sense in order to hit the Federal Governments climate protection targets. German industry and commerce views no other measure as making more sense.

"Should the remaining running times for German nuclear power plants be extended beyond the year 2021?"

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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