Gas Dispute Highlights Risks of Phasing Out Nuclear Power

Berlin, 08.01.2009

The risks to a secure electricity supply in Germany will inevitably increase if phasing out nuclear power remains on the table. The gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine is a clear and recurring warning of this. According to Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, President of the German Atomic Forum, "Those who, like the Green Party, reject nuclear power and the generation of electricity from coal, naturally refer gladly to new gas-fired power plants as an alternative for base load electricity. Where security of supply is concerned, however, in times such as these this will sound like cynicism to the citizens of our country."

45% of base load electricity in Germany is provided by nuclear power plants, almost 50% comes from lignite-fired power plants and the remainder from hydroelectric power. There are good arguments in favour of gas-fired power plants but not for their use in the generation of base load electricity.

Hohlefelder warned, "Nuclear power signifies a secure electricity supply and also less dependency for Germany. The current gas dispute illustrates how necessary it is even in the future to have a broad energy mix which includes nuclear power."

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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