Germany Needs an Apollo Energy Program

Berlin, 04.02.2009

This year the German Atomic Forum is holding its Winter Conference entitled "Energy Responsibility for Germany" on 4 and 5 February 2009 in Berlin. Some 300 national and international representatives from business, politics, administration, science, research and communication are participating in the energy policy conference.

In the super-election year of 2009, the German Atomic Forum issues the reminder that energy responsibility concerns everyone - politicians, suppliers and consumers. All the more so in these times of severe global recession and vast economic recovery plans. "Against this background, we cannot miss out on the price-curbing effect of nuclear power. Increasing the running times should thus be seen as an accompanying measure to an enduring economic stimulus package, not least because, unlike other measures, it also costs the taxpayer nothing,"emphasised Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, President of the German Atomic Forum, at the Winter Conference.

Hohlefelder not only welcomed the economic measures of Germany`s Federal Government but also demanded an Apollo energy programme for Germany - bold, visionary energy investments in, among other things, efficiency techniques, electricity storage, CO2 separation, further development of renewable energies, nuclear fusion technologies and fourth generation reactor designs. In view of the fact that such a program will cost both time and money, the president of the German Atomic Forum explained, "We can buy ourselves the necessary time by extending the running times of our nuclear power plants and possibly also achieve a financial spin-off for an Apollo energy programme of this type."

The final storage of high-active waste is a further focus of the GAF Winter Conference 2009. "It is highly unlikely that anything will happen in this matter prior to the Bundestag elections. After the Bundestag elections, however, something must be done. Once the Bundestag elections are over, there should not be any more loose formulae for compromise, such as those in the last coalition agreement. We need clear time schedules and procedural rules," was Hohlefelder`s demand. Top of the list is a continuance of exploration of the Gorleben salt dome. This too would be a clear sign of energy responsibility in Germany.

The German Atomic Forum anticipates that the debate surrounding nuclear power will be fired up by its opponents in the election year. According to Hohlefelder, "We are prepared for this - firmly, calmly and with our excellent arguments as well as a willingness to engage in dialogue."

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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