Lift the Gorleben Moratorium: Clarify the Salt Dome`s Suitability Once and For All

Berlin, 16.02.2009

The German Atomic Forum has emphasised its existing position towards solving the question of final disposal in Germany. According to this, it is now time for the very advanced exploration measures in Gorleben to be brought to a quick and open-ended conclusion in order to facilitate a final judgement. The German Atomic Forum is therefore requesting once again that the moratorium be lifted.

According to Dieter H. Marx, secretary general of the Deutsche Atomforum e.V., "A further delay in the question of final disposal would mean that one would be abdicating one?s required responsibility and shifting the issue onto the next generation."

In a multi-stage procedure, the salt dome in Gorleben was selected for site exploration as a potential final repository in 1976 from 140 nation-wide sites and has already be examined in-depth. Exploration of an alternative site would not contribute towards a speedy, result-oriented solution of the final repository question which was also stipulated in the coalition agreement.

The questions of doubt on which the Gorleben moratorium was based have been worked through completely. According to the results of investigations to date there are no findings that argue against the suitability of Gorleben as a secure final repository for high active waste.

German Atomic Forum e. V. (DAtF)

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