Gabriel`s Initiative for Fuel Tax is an Election Move

Berlin, 11.03.2009

The German Atomic Forum categorically rejects the demand for a tax on nuclear fuels made by Federal Minister for the Environment Sigmar Gabriel as being purely an election move. The tax on the generation of nuclear power proposed by Gabriel is contrary to the agreement on the phase-out of nuclear power made in the year 2000 between the energy suppliers and the red-green Federal Government, according to which the Federal Government would not use taxes to discriminate against nuclear power.

Federal Minister for the Environment Gabriel is mixing the environmental clean-up costs for the Asse II nuclear waste repository with the certificate prices for CO2 emissions and a nuclear fuel tax.

The energy supply companies are fulfilling their responsibilities for the radioactive waste they produce in respect of both handling and financing. Equally, it goes without saying that the public authorities should meet their responsibilities and respect contractual arrangements. The public utilities that are responsible for the problems in the Asse II mine shaft must answer to them. It is inappropriate to discredit the energy suppliers in connection with this. They are not responsible for the short-comings which led to the need for a clean-up in the Asse mine shaft.

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