Hohlefelder: Nuclear energy ought to contribute towards Germany`s prosperity in the future too

Berlin, 01.07.2009

On July 1 the German Atomic Forum will celebrate its 50-year existence during an anniversary celebration in Berlin. The most distinguished guest is Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel who will address a welcome speech to approximately 200 invited representatives from the worlds of politics, business, science and the media.

Looking towards the German Atomic Forum`s anniversary and 60 years of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Walter Hohlefelder, President of the German Atomic Forum, states in his opening speech, "The peaceful use of nuclear energy has contributed towards the development of our country`s prosperity and welfare. It still continues to do this now and can also do it in the future, particularly in rather more difficult times."

At the same time, he renews the demand for a reappraisal of nuclear energy in Germany, including a solution to the question of disposal, "If opting out were to remain in place, seven of the 17 nuclear power plants would already be shut down during the next legislative period. That is ten percent of electricity production and 20 percent of the base load. This would not be without adverse consequences for Germany as a location for industry and commerce."

With regard to this he calls for the purported dichotomy between nuclear energy and renewable energies to finally be overcome, "In view of climate change it is not possible to dispense with any CO2-free energy source. We need both: renewable energy and nuclear energy."

The aim of the German Atomic Forum is an open and factual dialogue, free from ideological blinkers, without ingratiation and at the same time with maximum transparency. For this reason the German Atomic Forum wishes to contribute towards common sense in matters of energy in this country - and to do this for many years to come.

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