German Atomic Forum Welcomes Reappraisal of Nuclear Energy

Berlin, 24.10.2009

The German Atomic Forum welcomes the willingness of the CDU/CSU and FDP to extend the running times for German nuclear power plants as a bridging technology. The path embarked on - of boosting renewable energies and extending running times - will enable the creation of a forward-looking energy supply for our country.

Politicians will clarify the details for arranging an extension of the running times in discussions with the operators. The operators have already indicated in the run-up that they will enter into such negotiations openly and constructively.

Climate protection, security of supply and economic viability make the reappraisal of nuclear energy urgently necessary for Germany as a location.

The German Atomic Forum also welcomes the position of the coalition parties which is that of resuming exploration in Gorleben promptly, continuing it quickly and without prejudice with plans for subjecting Gorleben to a peer review.

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