German Atomic Forum: Nuclear Power Indispensable for the Foreseeable Future

Berlin, 04.05.2010

The majority of Germans look at nuclear energy objectively. That´s not all: A majority of Germans are not be prepared to sacrifice the climate-compatible and cost-efficient contribution that nuclear energy makes to a secure power supply until sufficiently appropriate alternatives are available. Representative opinion polls conducted by well-known institutes such as Forsa, TNS-Emnid and the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research have demonstrated this yet again in recent weeks as did the European Commission´s Eurobarometer survey just a few days ago.

As a result, at the opening of the Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology 2010, President of the German Atomic Forum Dr. Ralf Güldner said, "Those who question nuclear energy must come up with realistic alternatives. Faced with the formidable task of ensuring electricity production that is equally secure, affordable and climate-compatible, any rhetoric that attempts to reduce the problem to simple black and white terms will lead to a dead end. Ideological divisions into "good energy" and "bad energy" are not only technically unjustifiable, they also fail to meet the pressing challenges facing the future of our power supply. This has nothing whatsoever to do with sustainability!"

Güldner went on to say that the German Atomic Forum would therefore continue in future to emphasise the economic and environmental benefits of a balanced energy mix - with an increasing proportion of renewable energies, innovative technologies based on conventional energy sources and nuclear energy which has been established for decades.

The President of the German Atomic Forum stressed, "Electricity production from nuclear energy already balances out the unsteady supply of electricity fed in by wind power for example. In this respect, nuclear energy and renewable energies complement one another remarkably well. And only together can these two technologies, both of which are virtually CO2-free, contribute towards Germany actually being able to achieve its ambitious climate protection targets."

The Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology will take place for the 41st time from 4 to 6 May 2010. With over 1,400 participants and 57 exhibitors from 17 countries, it is among the world´s largest trade fairs for nuclear engineering and technology. The conference programme includes a total of 233 workshops, specialist sessions and presentations covering a wide range of topics.

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