Objective approach to energy debate urgently needed: Strangulation strategy endangers German energy position

Berlin, 16.07.2010

Recently announced plans of the Federal Ministry of Finance to introduce a fuel element tax are clearly rejected. The implementation of these taxation plans would threaten further economic operation of German nuclear power stations. The additional daily new proposals are also not characterized by realism. Political forces apparently accept to strangulate economically German nuclear power stations. "The Federal Government has to decide whether they really want to keep the nuclear power plants in operation, that means extension of the operating life announced in the coalition agreement" says Dr. Ralf Güldner, president of the German Atomic Forum.

The implementation of the tax plans will lead to considerable distortion of competition in Europe. No other country will burden nuclear energy to even an approximately similar degree. The German tax plans would lead to charges which would be four times higher as for example those in Sweden. The entire German economy and ultimately all German power consumers would suffer in the end. We on the other hand expect a responsible economic, industrial and energy policy as repeatedly promised by the coalition government.

"Furthermore", states Mr. Güldner, "it must be intensively examined, whether the nuclear fuel element tax is compatible with national and European law."

The nuclear sector is still willing to cooperate on the basis of the commitments in the coalition agreement to find a joint solution for the extension of the operating life of the plants.

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