Expert Report: Bundesrat without Right of Consent for Lifetime Extension

Berlin, 13.08.2010

In the discussion about the Bundesrat´s right of consent regarding the legal constitution of a lifetime extension for German nuclear power plants, renowned professor of constitutional law Rupert Scholz emphasised yet again both unequivocally and unambiguously in an expert report based on constitutional law that the legislative decision regarding a lifetime extension does not require the Bundesrat´s consent. This applies regardless of the question as to which period the extension is valid for.

This result emerges from the jurisdiction of the Federal German Constitutional Court. Recently, the Federal German Constitutional Court in its decision of 4.05.2010 on the Aviation Security Act ruled that a merely quantitative increase in the workload for the Länder (Federal states) does not substantiate any requirement for the Bundesrat´s consent. The lifetime extension represents such a merely quantitative increase.

Against the background of this now clear jurisdiction handed down by the Federal German Constitutional Court, when it comes to the Bundesrat´s right of consent for lifetime extension of the German nuclear power plants, this is a purely politically motivated sham debate that does not serve the constitution of an overall energy concept that looks towards the future.

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