Order of the Day: Act Responsibly

Berlin, 05.11.2010

The amendments to the Atomic Energy Act and the lifetime extensions for Germany´s nuclear power plants are not connected in any way to the current "Castor transport" nor to any future transports. This is because the reprocessing of spent German fuel assemblies and therefore their transports to centres in La Hague in France and Sellafield in England have been prohibited by law since 2005.

However, it goes without saying that the Federal Republic of Germany must take back the waste arising during reprocessing for contractual reasons. It has committed itself to doing this under international law. "Castor transports" are an extremely safe way of transporting this waste to Germany. The flasks used reliably meet all the national and international safety standards. The upcoming transport has been officially licensed and will be monitored. In connection with this, the independent expert organisation Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit [(GRS) Plant and Reactor Safety Company] has stated, based on readings taken in La Hague, that the radiation exposure expected for the population, transport and accompanying staff as a result of the transport will remain far below the statutory limits.

In view of the demonstrations announced for the coming weekend in Wendland, the German Atomic Forum stressed: The right to freedom of expression and the right of assembly are a central component of our democracy and firmly anchored in its constitution. However, the exercising of basic rights must be peaceful and must take place according to the laws of our constitutional state. In all the debates about nuclear power in Germany, the energy utility companies and the German Atomic Forum rely on arguments rather than blockades. Only in dialogue is it possible to find sound and sustainable solutions for unresolved questions. This requires responsible action from all those concerned.

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