Berlin Regional Court Confirms Nuclear Power´s Contribution towards Climate Protection

Berlin, 17.01.2011

Judgement against injunction of North Rhine-Westphalian Consumer Advice Centre is final

Due to the North Rhine-Westphalian Consumer Advice Centre e.V. waiving any further legal steps, the judgement of the Berlin Regional Court of 09.11.2010 has now become final: The German Atomic Forum`s advertising in recent months was not misleading. It correctly pointed out that no CO2 is emitted during the production of electricity by nuclear power plants as is also the case for electricity produced by wind power and photovoltaic plants.

The North Rhine-Westphalian Customer Advice Centre had applied by means of an injunction to prohibit the German Atomic Forum´s advertising in newspaper and magazines advertisements. The reason being that the statements used in the advertisements "Brokdorf and wind power: CO2 emission = zero" and "Neckarwestheim and photovoltaics: CO2 emission = zero" were misleading. On 09.11.2010, the Berlin Regional Court rejected this view and also the injunction regarding prohibition of the German Atomic Forum´s advertising and stressed in its judgement: "The advertising obviously relates merely to electricity production as such and not to all the processes which take place before and after. If the entire production chain were to be included in the consideration, the advertising would obviously make no sense because the consumer knows that CO2 is also emitted during the production of wind turbines or photovoltaic plants."

Anyone who cares about climate protection cannot deny the knowledge that nuclear power and renewable energies make a huge contribution towards the prevention of CO2. They are and will remain partners on the path to a sustainable electricity supply.

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