45th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology opened: Products and services from Germany are internationally demanded - Clarity with regard to the interim-storage and Schacht Konrad is requested

Frankfurt am Main, 06.05.2014

With his speech the president of the DAtF, Dr. Ralf Güldner, opened the 45th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology in Frankfurt am Main and pointed out, that the meeting “provides a broad performance profile of the nuclear industry in Germany. National and international response shows once more the standing of our meeting as platform for professional and technical exchange.”

The strong reputation it also enjoys internationally is built on the high quality and safety standards of German nuclear technology. German companies and scientific research contribute significantly to the increase of the safety standards worldwide in the context of modernisation and optimization. Dr. Güldner explained that, “in particular the know-how in the sectors of safety, operation and disposal provides a very good starting point for ever more internationalisation for our industry, which is already strong and successfully export-oriented”.

Dr. Güldner also commented on unsolved problems in the political and regulatory environment. He explained with regard to the interim storage of vitrified waste returned from reprocessing abroad: “Operators are ready to take care of the necessary applications for a permit with the corresponding support of the respective state government and after clarification of open questions. In the view of available solutions with the interim storage site Gorleben and its joined technical infrastructure, the considerable additional financial expenditures, however, have to be borne by the authorities. For this a resilient agreement must be found.”

Also for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, which operators want to carry out rapidly, challenges on the part of the state remain in view of extensive licensing tasks for the coming years. Thus there are still uncertainties about the storage conditions of the licensed repository Schacht Konrad. Therefore clear statements from the approving authorities as well as a shift in priorities regarding the use of human resources by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection are an urgent need in order to manage these challenges.


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