Cut in Export Credit Guarantees Puts Nuclear Industry in Germany at Risk

Berlin, 20.06.2014

The German Atomic Forum regrets that in future export credit guarantees for nuclear products and services from Germany in principle are no longer to be accepted for new nuclear power plants abroad. The decision is not a good signal for Germany as a location for nuclear business and high-tech with its over 35,000 value-creating jobs.

Dr. Ralf Güldner, President of the German Atomic Forum (DAtF), said, “We find the Federal Government’s decision incomprehensible, particularly in light of the fact that German expertise and the known high standards make a significant contribution to the safety of new builds of nuclear facilities abroad.”

In addition to the official practice regarding export licenses, basic requirements in transport and logistics questions and free research and development, debt guarantees represent a significant success factor for many companies in the nuclear industry in Germany whose economic success depends particularly heavily on export opportunities especially after the decision to phase out nuclear power.

The economic success of the industry is also essential to maintaining nuclear expertise in practice, since it will still be needed in Germany several decades after power generation from nuclear energy ends. This applies to nuclear decommissioning, waste management, radiological protection and opportunities to have a say internationally in safety regulations and it also concerns other nuclear applications, such as nuclear medicine, radiochemistry and material development. There is a reason why the political phase out of nuclear energy does not extend to the nuclear industry and research.


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